Painting Lesson of Koi and Goldfish, by Lian Zhen

I have always loved Chinese style painting and one of the masters is artist Lian Quan Zhan. He has a talent for blending East and West styles and the results are beautiful.

Lian Zhen is offering this watercolor painting lesson to help you paint a colorful water scene bustling with koi and goldfish, and the intricacies and beauty of delicate lily pads. Learn how to make a good composition and then give it a try yourself with Lian’s friendly art instruction! Preview Watercolor with Lian Quan Zhen: Koi & Goldfish now. In this preview follow watercolor techniques for mingling vibrant color and negative painting. Learn how to make a subject come to life right on your page. Visit for access to the full-length version of this video.

I was happy to have taken a 3-day workshop with Lian Zhen for my painting lesson because I learned so many techniques that I use today. Looking forward to more lessons from Lian!

Happy Painting!



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Here is one of Lian Zhen’s art books:

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