Moving Out of My Comfort Zone

I started painting at night classes after work. It was always nice little still life watercolors that were very realistic. I moved into florals and landscapes and do enjoy them still. You will see many examples of my florals and landscapes on this site.

My normal style is detailed and realistic so the challenge is to loosen up and add more abstract elements.

But we are not meant to be complacent and take the easy road. So I am challenging myself to branch out and create new art.

“Artist Tools” was a stretch at first but I really love the way it came out. it has become a favorite for me.  “5 Paint Brushes” was also a stretch as they seem to be floating or dancing. I resisted shadows and a table.

How much fun it was to do something different!  Reaching out of our comfort zone also helps us to grow as artists, and perhaps as people.

There are some other new paintings on the way that are much more contemporary then my normal style. I am looking forward to sharing my new experiences and this journey with you!



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