Art and Emotions

cat with butterfly multi 831Art is supposed to evoke emotions in people. It may bring back memories, give a feeling of joy, peace, sadness, creates wishes, so much more.  I believe that art is born from emotions as well.

Two weeks ago, I lost my precious kitty Scooter. We had 16 wonderful years together. He was my furry best friend. There was nowhere in the house that I could be alone except my painting studio. I retreated there immediately and started painting to block out and ease the pain. kitten ball multi 831

The first thing I painted was a series of contemporary kitty pictures. Just silhouettes in multi-color, so that they could be anyone’s cat or kitten. Somehow they comforted me. I see Scooter in every pose.

After I brought home Scooter’s ashes, I placed them in my studio where he can watch me paint. Then I started just painting and created several new paintings of various subjects. TCapeletti_3_Seasons_GrandCanyouSummerWaterfallhe studio is still my hiding place.

These paintings are coming from an emotional place, even if they are not all “cat” pictures. Perhaps I am expressing myself in paint instead of just crying. purple kingfisher resized_edited-1


Scooter will always be there with me watching me paint and keeping me company. I will use the joy of our 16 years together to continue to produce my art and keep his memory alive. He was a gift from God and he continues to be a gift to me.


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